Escape game Wynwood Terror

Company: Escape Hunt

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

5+ reviews


226 East Flagler Street Miami, FL 33131 ()


Located on the second floor. Take the elevator on the right at the entrance by the golden Cafe.

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For many years, a dreadful underground crime syndicate called ATOM-IX has been threatening the world with spreading a deadly virus. Interpol agents have been trying to dismantle it and finally got a lead indicating that one of their secret labs is in Miami in the neighborhood of Wynwood.

You are Interpol agents and you need to break into the secret lab and retrieve the antidote to the deadly virus and save us from a horrible fate. But be careful, once you get into the lab, there is an alarm system that triggers the process of the destruction of the lab, you have one hour.

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