Escape game Expedition Egypt

Company: Timebox

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


8888 SW 136th St #403a, Miami, FL 33176 ()


Located near Los Ranchos

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After years of following a series of puzzles and clues, you are led to the outskirts of the Egyptian city of Abusirra. After almost a week of combing the dessert and the death of your local guide, you stumble upon the entrance of the tomb you’ve been searching for. After countless hours wandering through the ancient labyrinths, you finally reached the Tomb of Niuserra, the pharaoh of the fifth dynasty. In the midst of your discovery excitement, the entrance door has closed and you and your team are trapped. It’s getting dark and the air is thinning. There is only one way from here…forward. Can you make it out alive?

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