Escape game Zombie Bunker

Company: Timebox

Average Rating:

4.8 / 5

5+ reviews


8888 SW 136th St #403a, Miami, FL 33176 ()


Located near Los Ranchos

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Humanity is nearing its end due to a pandemic. A terrible virus has spread turning humans into the living dead. A vaccine has been discovered in a nearby bunker that will cure the virus and give the human race a fighting chance, however, communication with that bunker has been lost. Most of it has been overtaken by zombies. You and your team set out to the bunker to find the vaccine. Your objective is to get the bunker powered up, find the vaccine and transfer its data. Can you find the vaccine and place it for transfer before the zombies move in? Be quick as the rest of your team is fighting them off and can only provide you cover for so long….

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