Escape game Alien Encounter[Closed]

Company: Clue Chase

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4.8 / 5

5+ reviews


The Grace Building, The Concourse, 1114 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York ()


By Subway: Use the B,D,F, or M trains and exit at the 42nd Street, Bryant Park stop for closest subway access. Clue Chase is also a short walk from Grand Central Terminal or the Times Square, 42nd Street subway stations.

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It is July, 2053. We are being watched.

A powerful race of aliens from a distant galaxy has been observing mankind for untold centuries. They have now chosen to make their presence known. Are they an intergalactic ally and force of good, or a dangerous threat to our species and planet? Now, at the apparent instruction of these aliens, your core team of volunteers will be teleported to a final testing facility in space. You will have exactly one hour of earth time to pass their tests and prove that humanity deserves its place among the stars. The stakes couldn’t be higher. If you pass, their technology may offer unimaginable technological advances, but if you fail, it may mean the end of the human race.

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