Escape game Guardian of Gotham

Company: Clue Chase

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5.0 / 5

5+ reviews


39 W 32nd St 4th Floor New York, NY 10001 ()


Located on 32nd street between Broadway and 5th Avenue. Our entrance is right next to Caffe Bene.

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July 2132 – Martial Law has been declared in Manhattan. Villains and crime syndicates control most of the major districts. Clue Chase Laboratories, now a marvel of high-tech innovation, suffers a break-in at the hands of a mysterious figure.

Shortly thereafter, reports of a cyber-suited vigilante possessing time travel abilities begin to circulate. Comic geeks and journalists begin referring to her by the moniker “Doctor Time”. In the ensuing months, crime falls to a low not seen in decades.

However, the public is becoming increasingly skeptical of the vast power she wields, and this would-be hero’s methods. You must break into Dr. Time’s lair, discover what they know about the artifact, recover our technology, and defeat Dr. Time – preventing them from amassing even more power.
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