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In New Jersey folklore, the Jersey Devil is a strange creature said to inhabit the Pine Barrens. Descriptions vary, but most agree that the beast is a biped with a goat’s head, wings, and a forked tail. The Leeds family is at the core of the devil's existence. According to legend, Mother Leeds gave birth to her 13th child. She believed this child to be cursed, as it transformed into what is now known as the Jersey Devil. ​

The last surviving family member of the Leeds family had allegedly gone back to the cabin where it all started, with the hope of expelling the devil and bringing an end to the horrors the creature has caused. However, we have learned that she has gone missing and reports indicate the Jersey Devil is more active than ever before. Our team has one hour before her trail goes cold.


For this escape room, your group will be split into two separate rooms at the start. Though starting in separate rooms, you will still work together throughout the experience.

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