Escape game Find The Cure[Closed]

Company: Amazing Escape Room

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5.0 / 5

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3502 Scotts Ln, Bldg 18 Philadelphia, PA 19129 ()


Take 2nd Entrance to Sherman Mills - Follow Signs - Bldg 18 in the rear of the complex, next door to Kids At Play

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Poor Dr. Oxy is still zombified and STILL HUNGRY! In this innovative and unique escape room, teams must work together to find the antidote for the zombie virus before the clock runs out, and the zombie can eat you!

Work together, communicate, and avoid the zombie chained to the wall; but be quick, because every 5 minutes the chain gets longer and the hungry Dr. gets closer until infection is inevitable at the end of 60 minutes! Do you have the guts to make it out alive?