Escape game The Shed[Closed]

Company: Dare to Escape AZ

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5.0 / 5

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9875 S Priest Dr #101 Tempe, AZ 85284 ()


Dare to Escape AZ is located at the NorthEast corner of W Ray Rd & S Priest Dr. It is behind the Thomasville furniture store and the Shell gas station.

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You met with your friends for a late night showing of a movie. There were few people around as you entered the smallish theater. The film started. About ten minutes in, one of your friends asked “Do you smell something?” That is the last thing you remember.

You and your friends woke up locked in a shed. Obviously, it has been used to keep people locked in before. You sense someone watching you from the darkness.

Suddenly there is a yelp! A waft of burnt hair comes from the dark room. Your kidnapper runs out in a hurry. You sense he was not done locking you in. You rise up, sensing if he is back, he can keep you there for a long time.

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