Escape game Runestone

Company: Eludesions Escape Rooms

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Bell Canyon Pavilions

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The sacred Runestones have been discovered stolen and replaced by a series of impressive illusions. Without knowledge of their whereabouts or those responsible, the Council feared the Runestones would soon be used against the good men, women, and children of the realm. Through meditation, the Council managed to pinpoint the Stones’ energy to a precise location, but the knowledge gained was no less comforting.

Their fears became apparent upon learning that the dreaded and powerful wizard, known as Vayce, took possession of the stolen Runestones. With the help of the Runestones' colossal energy, Vayce prepares to extinguish the sun and all life with it. More concerning is that they fear Vayce may very well be invested into this atrocity.

Recover the sacred Runestones and return them to their correct position before Vayce succeeds in casting his final spell plunging the world into eternal darkness.

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