Escape game Evil Robots

Company: The Nemesis Club

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

5+ reviews


5350 E High St #109 Phoenix, AZ 85054 ()


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We have a problem. A BIG problem! A menacing robot at the Experiment Virtual Intelligence Laboratory (EVIL) is powering himself on. You have been recruited to break into the retro-futuristic lab and shut the robot down before he finishes charging and begins wreaking havoc. You have one hour. Good luck.

This groundbreaking escape game is unlike anything you've ever experienced in an escape room...the most technologically advanced game in America! Inspired by vintage sci-fi films, EVIL Robots is a truly immersive experience that puts you at the center of the story as your team solves puzzles, cracks codes, and discovers the lab's secrets while the robot slowly boots up and constantly threatens you. A meticulously crafted environment, beautifully scored soundtrack, adaptive gameplay, playful animatronics, and story-driven puzzles make this game a must-see Phoenix attraction!

Prepare for a fun, thrilling adventure!

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