Escape game Hermit's Lair

Company: Exitus Escape Rooms

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

2 reviews


155 Liberty St NE, #M103 Salem, OR 97301 ()


Salem Arts Building - Mezzanine (enter between Subway & Frozation or back alley by the Victory Club)

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You and your team of investigators have been tasked with exploring the rumor that human presences are stirring down in an underground Salem tunnel, long closed off to the public. When you discover scattered papers, pictures, and furniture, the urban legend is confirmed: "The Hermit" has been living down here for years, planning something sinister in his isolation.

This has become more than an investigation – now you must stop a murder in progress while preventing your own. You have 60 minutes to discover the plans for the “Hermit’s” revenge and escape with your lives.