Escape game Crisis at the North Pole

Company: Premier Escape Adventures


7369 52nd Pl E Bradenton, FL 34203 ()


The rooms are conveniently located in the Creekwood Crossing Shopping Center directly between Bealls and Dollar Tree. Just to the west ½ mile off I-75 at Exit 217 in East Bradenton.

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Crisis at the North Pole Christmas is fast approaching and there’s trouble at the North Pole. Santa’s list has gone missing. Santa and The Elves have been looking everywhere to find it but have had no luck. Everyone has been working hard at the North Pole all year. The Elves have been busy making toys, the reindeer practicing their flight routes and even Santa’s been checking and rechecking his List but now the list has gone missing. How will Christmas go on? You and your team will need to investigate to find Santa’s list. He needs YOU! Do you have what it takes to help save Christmas?

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