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Welcome to the Sabotage Escape Game, the future of corporate play! Sabotage game is the mix of latest Technology, the outrageous Race and Mission: Impossible atmosphere.

If your team has more than 20 people, the Sabotage Game is your Go-To option. Sabotage Escape Game can host large groups of 20 to 150 players at the same time at the same location. It’s a fun and intellectual game, perfect for your team-building activities.

Sabotage is highly rated by one of US Today's Best Room Escape 2018 Contest judges Will Chang: “The Sabotage Spy Case game is the most compact high-tech escape room experience we’ve ever seen, and delivers true to an escape room experience“.

Sabotage Escape Game brings your employees together, they are all immersed into the atmosphere of solving the tasks, and have a chance to show off to each other their abilities to think out of the box and connecting the dots in a fast and unexpected manner. The whole experience will take one hour and a half for a team. "Sabotage" can be played at our secret safe house in the Financial District of San Francisco, or we could bring the game to your venue.

Ideal team-building escape game for big groups that combines awesome technology, experienced staff, easy event planning, and real results. Bond and bring your employees together!
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