Escape game Escape from the Science Lab of Shifting Rules Online[Closed]

Company: SCRAP

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Today is the day the craziest invention gets revealed to the world.
The ‘machine which changes our world’s scientific laws’.

As a fellow distinguished inventor of gadgets, you were invited to the online press conference for the announcement of this latest invention. However, what appeared on the other side of the screen was pure chaos!

Fish were floating in the air, rain was flowing in reverse from floor to ceiling, a chair was merged with the wall.... And in the middle of it all was a single humanoid AI robot, flustered, and pleading for your help.

“The invention has gone out of control, altering our world’s rules of psychics! In just 60 minutes, these effects will spread worldwide and cause mass disruption! Please help me stop the machine and return things to normal!”

Can you work with the AI robot to alter the rules, stop the machine, and save the world?

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