Escape game Heroes in Training

Company: Riddler's Escape


510 25th Ave N, Suite 8 St Cloud, MN 56303 ()


At the stoplight on Division (Hwy 23), where CVS, Walgreens and Caribou Coffee are located, head north on 25th Ave, proceed 5 blocks, then cross over the railroad tracks. Riddler's Escape Rooms will be on your right side, immediately after the tracks.

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Your comic book superheroes have disappeared and the Heroes In Training program is urgently seeking brave, intelligent, charismatic applicants to fill their boots. Only those of the highest caliber need apply. Your mission? Find the Villain, stop his reign of terror, and make sure your first H.I.T. Mission, isn't your last.


When you book this room, you'll be asked which difficulty level you'd like. Level 3 is for beginners or those who want a fun and easy adventure, Level 5 is not too easy and not too hard.

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