Escape game Pharaoh

Company: Big Escape Rooms

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4.4 / 5

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444 Highland Avenue Suite 415, Atlanta, GA 30312 ()


4th Floor

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A team of archeologists has discovered the biggest Egyptian pharaoh's tomb to date, filled with gold, jewels and priceless antiquities the world is eager to see the artifacts in all their glory. There's just one problem, team members have started disappearing and dying in mysterious ways. Your team is tasked with assisting the archeologists and ensuring that the artifacts are moved safely.

Once there you realize that you have awoken the ancient pharaoh Tau's spirit. Known for being merciless in his conquests and bringing death to those around him, he is after your team. You have an hour to escape before his spirit takes human form. Hurry, use the clues the ancient builders left behind and seal him in his tomb forever.

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