Escape game The Wizard Trials

Company: PanIQ Escape Room

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5.0 / 5

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Master Diaphugius is the greatest name in wizardry in a handful of generations, and he selected you to be his apprentices. You’ve survived alchemical mishaps, recovered from embarrassing transmutations, and braved quests for all manner of exotic ingredients (not to mention the countless runs for tea leaves). But all those headaches, the long nights, and the singed eyebrows have brought you to this ... your final test. Diaphugius has left you alone in his tower with a single mission. Find and protect the recipe used to make the potion of eternal life, before the dark wizard Zadimus can steal it. You have been given one hour. If you can find it before the dark wizard, your master will give you your very own spellbook and the title of ... Assistant Wizard!

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