Escape game Spooky Speak Easy

Company: Narrow Escape


209 M & M Ranch Rd #109 Granbury, TX 76049 ()


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Take on the legendary Texas Ghost, in an abandoned speakeasy beneath the famous theater he once operated.

Communicate with spirits and find the answers to one of America’s biggest mysteries. Who Was John St. Helens?

Deep beneath the legendary Kerr’s Theater, hidden in a basement speakeasy, the ghost of John St. Helens is rumored to remain. On a damp day in fall, you and your fellow historians, hired by the C.E. Booth Historical Society are working with a crew searching for artifacts in the infamous underground watering hole.

All of a sudden… the door slams shut and you become trapped. You look around the room. Strange writing on the wall leads you to believe that an apparition has held you hostage demanding that you have only one hour to deliver a message to the world before he ends your mortal quest. Is the ghost of St. Helens trying to reach out to you, if so what does he want, why you?

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