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The book Dracula by famous author Bram Stoker has been the inspiration for many vampire movies. One famous character from that book was Abraham Van Helsing. In this story, Van Helsing was a man of science who became the archenemy of the vampire Dracula. Stoker once stated that the Van Helsing character was based on a real person. But who?

One possible candidate is Georg Andreas Helwing who was born on the 14th of December, 1666. During the early 1700’s, there was a rash of supposed vampire sightings and attacks in Europe. This period became known as the 18th Century Vampire Controversy. Many people banded together determined to hunt vampires into extinction.

A descendant of Georg Helwing recently discovered a journal that belonged to Georg Helwing. In this journal there was a reference to two friends, Aleksander Petrovic and Mikolaj Kowalski, who were helping Helwing with the task of exterminating the undead. Helwing's journal goes on to state that both disappeared at separate times while investigating a member of the Slovanti family in 1728. So what happened to these two vampire slayers?

Back In Time has been hired by a descendant of Georg Helwing to send a team back to Slovanti’s house in 1728 to determine the fate of these two vampire slayers and perhaps determine if vampires truly existed during this period.

Do you and your team have what it takes to uncover the fate of Helwing's two associates or will you be lost in time as well?

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