Escape game Sherlock Holmes & Beautiful Mind

Company: Maze Rooms

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Being the brilliant mind that he is, the genius, Sherlock Holmes already made a prediction about a future incident that was going to happen to him. He predicted that he was one day going to be poisoned and quickly found ways out for himself, creating a secret elixir that will cure him of his poison. But there really is no Sherlock Holmes without mystery to his ways.
Deep down in his mind, he hid the secret elixir and kept the ingredients a mystery to every other person around him. Now, his predictions turned out to be accurate and he ended up being poisoned and is in a coma. However, to get the elixir to cure him of his poison, Sherlock needs you to enter into his mind and search for where he hid the secret to his cure. Guess you’d have to find your way into the genius’s mind to save him and a way out to save yourself?

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