Escape game Order of the Veil

Company: Locked Manhattan

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5.0 / 5

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116 S 4th St #122a Manhattan, KS 66502 ()

(262) 843-5625

One block south of Poyntz Avenue on 4th Street or right across the street from 4 Olives restaurant. The building has a blue awning and you will see the window display and glass front door with the Locked Manhattan logo.

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All your life you’ve been told the cabin in the woods is off limits and dangerous but never given a reason why. It’s common knowledge that if your name is called in the woods you’re to ignore it and go home. These stories have been told you everyone since they were children and you’ve always abided by these rules but since your 18th birthday you’ve been wondering how much is truth and how much is fairy tale.
Fairy tales are for children and you’re no child. You decide to round up your friends and check it out. As you approach this cabin in the woods, you start to feel uneasy. Like a presence is watching. You get goose bumps and the air feels colder. You push on and walk toward the door, as you grab the handle you black out. You and your group wake up in this room…
Every since you were a child you’ve been taught to avoid the moss-covered cabin in the woods. You’ve been told evil lurks there and it is common to hear your own name being called if you’ve lingered in the woods for too long. There have been tales of sisters going missing and strange beings sulking just beyond the shadows. As your 18th birthday approaches you find yourself wondering how true these stories actually are. After all, fairy tales are for children. You decide to gather your group of friends to authenticate the claims.
You choose midnight to make your way into the woods. As you approach the threshold you hear the rustling of leaves stir around you. The air feels cooler as you inhale and goose bumps starts to rise on your arms. The air is still as if the cabin is holding it’s breath. Your group proceeds and you reach for the handle of the door. As your hand makes contact, you all black out…
Discover what’s beyond the door in The Order of the Veil!

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