Escape game Leonardo’s Last

Company: Locked Manhattan


116 S 4th St #122a Manhattan, KS 66502 ()


One block south of Poyntz Avenue on 4th Street or right across the street from 4 Olives restaurant. The building has a blue awning and you will see the window display and glass front door with the Locked Manhattan logo.

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It is the early 1500s, and you and your companions are apprentices to the great Leonardo Da Vinci. You have learned many things under his tutelage – painting, music, astronomy – but most importantly, you have witnessed your master’s technological genius.

Senor Da Vinci has always struck you as eccentric, but in recent weeks he has become increasingly reclusive and erratic. He comes and goes from his study at odd hours. His furiously scribbled notes are almost impossible to decipher, and he has a faraway look in his eyes. One week ago, this unsettling behavior culminated with your master vanishing altogether.

Senor Da Vinci often travels for his work, but never without notice, and never without leaving instructions. You and your fellow apprentices cannot contain your concern any longer. You have decided to access Leonardo’s private study to find out what has consumed his attention and led to his unexplained disappearance.

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