Escape game Exit Strategy

Company: Locked Manhattan


116 S 4th St #122a Manhattan, KS 66502 ()


One block south of Poyntz Avenue on 4th Street or right across the street from 4 Olives restaurant. The building has a blue awning and you will see the window display and glass front door with the Locked Manhattan logo.

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At the same location


Solve one side of the story and come back to take on the other. This is a new and unique type of escape room experience, with hidden technology to allow for two escape rooms within one story. Each room has their own unique set of puzzles.There are no repeat puzzles or locks as “Enter Sequence”. The rooms are not consecutive but do share a storyline.

As a cold war quietly rages, you and your CIA colleagues have been “benched” from a recent screw-up involving a now-freed criminal, Isabel Grit. Isabel is the daughter of a billionaire arms dealer, Silas Grit. As corrupt and notorious as Silas is, Isabel is even smarter and more sadistic. She started out as a psychology student with a proclivity for inflicting horrible, negative reinforcement on test subjects, and she has since graduated to aiding her father in illegal weapons research. After a lengthy investigation, your team apprehended Grit on charges of injecting radioactive chemicals into the bloodstreams of unwitting subjects while she documented the terror. Isabel was jailed, yes, but not for long. Silas Grit paid the right people, and other key individuals conveniently disappeared.
Isabel left the psych ward after 30 days and hasn’t been seen since. Though she hasn’t shown her face, telltale signs of her nefarious experiments are resurfacing. CIA aerial analysis has detected a hidden radiation signature, directly tied to a study published by Isabel concerning mass contamination from “radioactive poison”. According to agency intelligence, this blight she cooked up could only be undone by her own special theoretical antidote.
It is time for your team to stop this devastating threat once and for all. Gain access to the warehouse suspected to house Isabel’s lab, infiltrate her criminal team, and begin the difficult task of saving society.

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