Escape game Mystical Magic Emporium

Company: Lockbox Escape Room

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5.0 / 5

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8490 W State Road 84 Davie, FL 33324 ()


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Welcome to the Mystical Magic Emporium, where magic isn’t just a gimmick, but a way of life. You and your friends are aspiring magicians and have heard about the legendary tales of this mystical magic store and decide to check it out for yourselves. Upon entering the store, you are greeted by someone who calls themselves “The Wizard”. In the midst of dazzling, you with their magic tricks, they suddenly need to “excuse” themselves and you are now free to explore the emporium. But any true magician knows that the greatest illusions involve misdirection. To walk out of the mystical magic emporium as a true magician, you must learn how to accomplish one of their tricks. Did the “Wizard” really need to leave so suddenly? Were you left here alone by accident? Or is this all part of the illusion? The clock is ticking, and you have one hour to figure out the true meaning behind why you are here before the Wizard reveals your magical destiny. Are you worthy of the challenge of becoming a true magician? Good luck!

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