Escape game Cartel Crackdown

Company: PanIQ Escape Room

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One of the most infamous drug lords in history, El Alto, may have finally slipped up. Can your team of DEA aThe year is 1989. You’ve been on the trail of “El Alto”, leader of the most powerful drug cartel the world has ever seen, for years now with almost nothing to show for it.

His network is extensive, with labs and covers spread across several islands in the Caribbean. Every time you thought you’d found something, you find you’re too late; he’s cleaned out and is in the wind once more. But your luck may have finally changed.

Yesterday, local sources here in Bermuda provided evidence of a connection between El Alto and the local police. Your team has detained the local officers for the time being, so if this doesn’t pay off, you could be in a lot of trouble. But if you’re lucky, this office may have all the evidence you need to bring this ruthless criminal to his knees. You’ll have to hurry, but maybe you can bring down El Alto once and for all.gents find enough evidence to put him away for life?
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