Escape game Wizard Hunt Online

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Tradition. When one begins studying at a Wizard school, a certain amount of strange adherence to outdated practices is to be expected. Our tale concerns two rival Wizarding schools, Emeric’s Enchantment Academy and Wickham’s Wizarding Workshop. For generations the two schools have maintained a tradition of launching increasingly absurd heists in the interest of kidnapping the opposing school’s headmaster.

If one of the schools successfully kidnaps the other’s headmaster, they are given guardianship of “The Trophy of Champions”. They will keep this golden and enchanted boot until the next year, when it will be their headmaster’s turn to attempt to evade kidnapping.

You are a student at Wickhams’s Wizarding Workshop, and this year it’s Emeric’s turn to hide away in his castle.

During this tournament you will be required to use magic and your wits to locate and enter Emeric’s Castle, once inside you must remain undetected, possibly even relying on transformation spells to succeed. A cast of strange characters, magical moments and enchanting puzzles await you in Wizard Tournament.

Set aside some time with friends and family to take this journey together. Games are only $20 per team of six players, the game lasts approximately one hour, but there is no set time limit and gameplay can be freely paused and resumed at any time. Good luck!

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