Escape game The Euphoria Heist

Company: Escape Room NJ

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It was supposed to be one last job. A simple smash-and-grab with minimal involvement- in and out, a quick hour, and you’re all rich.
You’re to meet your mysterious benefactor at a little out-of the way office just around from where the gems are kept.
The word on the street is that V, a renowned programmer, was contacted by Euphoria Jewelers to develop a state-of-the-art security program for the shop while they held the famed Stars of Orion, 28 Jewels each over 1000-Carat each valued at over 1 Billion Dollars.
They made one mistake: V was not paid for their work. They have a back-door key code for the security system AI of Euphoria Jewelers, which will allow you to walk right in the front door. An hour should be more than enough time to defeat the security on each Showcase, crack the safes and escape before the police or even worse the Euphoria Security Guard get there right?
Let’s get Cracking!


Scary version available

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