Escape game A Traitor Among Us

Company: Escape Room Palm Springs

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2500 N. Palm Canyon Dr., #B3, Palm Springs, CA 92262 ()


5 minutes from downtown and the Palm Springs Convention Center. Head North on Palm Canyon Drive.

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Escape Room Palm Springs

Rating: (20+ reviews)


This is NOT an Escape Game, it’s an action-packed, repeatable, Player vs. Player game played in rounds for 60 minutes.
No locks. No keys. Just your strategy and your wits.
Work together to repair the ship and identify the traitor(s).
Or be the bad guy: Murder the crew and sabotage the ship.
Call a meeting to vote on ejecting players.
Rounds play until time runs out, giving everyone a chance at being the Traitor.
Who is the Traitor? Only they will know.
A Traitor Among Us can be played with 4 to 10 players, but the ideal number of players can vary based on your preference. Some prefer a smaller group for a more intimate and strategic gameplay experience, while others thrive on the chaos and unpredictability of a larger group.
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