Escape game The Midnighters

Company: Olde City Escape Games

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Distant dogs bark. The street is quiet and the moon illuminates the old metal door to the Brotherly Love Boxing Club in Olde City, Philadelphia...

It’s 1988 and you are “The Midnighters,” a group of mischievous kids from the neighborhood. From your legendary break-in at the local arcade, to that time you snuck a “Midnighter’s” jacket on the statue of William Penn at City Hall, you feel like you’ve accomplished it all. Tonight, however, awaits your greatest adventure.

A moon rock gifted from NASA for Philadelphia’s 1976 bicentennial time capsule has been missing for over a decade. To this day, “The Heist of ‘79” remains an unsolved mystery. Urban legend has it that your crazy Uncle Mick, owner of the Brotherly Love Boxing Club, was in on the job. For years you’ve listen to your gramps spill his suspicions about Mick having it stashed away in his gym... but no one’s ever had the guts to sneak in successfully to find out.

With recent headlines reporting the value of lunar rocks soaring on the black market, time is running out to recover the moon. Break into the old boxing club and follow where the mystery leads on your quest to uncover the un-discoverable... but watch out because ol’ Mick’s probably already expecting you...

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