Escape game The Lost Tomb

Company: Escape Westgate

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5.0 / 5

5+ reviews


6751 N. Sunset Blvd, E-108 Glendale, AZ 85305 ()


Right across from The Yard House, next to It's Sugar by the West Passage.

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An Ancient Mayan tomb was recently unearthed. Now, the gods have been disturbed and the devastation has begun. Your team of archaeologists must put all the precious artifacts back in their proper place before it is too late. Players must carefully navigate through the tomb, to face the gods themselves! Beware, as this sacred ground contains hidden caves, and surprise challenges that must be overcome to restore the gods trust in the human race. Play only until the eclipse commences to satisfy the gods demands and restore unity among the Earth, or their fate will be sealed within.


This escape room includes strobe, smell and fog effects.

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