Escape game Homunculus

Company: Xcapade


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In the legends of ancient alchemy, there's a substance rumored to turn any base metal into gold. Even more intriguing, it's said to offer the ability to grant eternal life. This substance is called the Philosopher's Stone. Before it was discovered, most alchemists thought it was just a wild idea.

For over a hundred years, creating the Philosopher's Stone was the dream of every alchemist, yet none succeeded. Then emerged a genius alchemist named von Hohenheim. He became a nationally recognized alchemist at a young age, and his achievements are widely known.

One of his most notable feats was creating artificial life using his exceptional alchemical skills. People called it the "Homunculus". Later generations preferred to believe that he was the second person to possess the Philosopher's Stone, as only someone with it could create these monsters in the flask.

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