Escape game Spiritualism

Company: Xcapade


39143 Cedar Blvd, Newark, CA 94560 ()


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"When you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you." This quote, often attributed to Nietzsche, aptly describes my line of work. Last month, I received a plea letter for help from a young girl named Winnie. Ever since her mother was brutally murdered by an intruder, she has been experiencing a series of unexplained and troubling symptoms. Despite seeking various forms of treatment, nothing has worked. I suspect that Winnie's condition is far from ordinary, and I've decided to take on the case and investigate further.

However, for now, Winnie is staying with her neighbor, an elderly woman who is highly skeptical of anything related to the supernatural. To meet with Winnie and begin my investigation, I must first find a way to deceive this old lady.

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