Escape game Pixel Planet

Company: Xcapade

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5.0 / 5

1 review


39143 Cedar Blvd, Newark, CA 94560 ()


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Pixel Planet was once a vibrant and creative world, where the main character, Jabob, explored and created amazing things using his imagination. However, the peace of Pixel Planet was shattered when the Ender Dragon arrived and began to wreak havoc. Qbee's mother and Jabob were among those who went missing, and many of the beautiful pixel landscapes were destroyed.

In a desperate attempt to save Pixel Planet, its inhabitants were forced to enter a deep sleep and wait for heroes to arrive. They believed that only a brave warrior who could defeat the Ender Dragon would be able to save their world. While they slept, they called out to the Guardians of the Galaxy to find the heroes and rescue Pixel Planet, restoring peace and prosperity to their beloved home.

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