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Choose-your-own-adventure roleplaying game meets escape room in THE GHOSTS OF CRAVEN MANOR!
Your family of ghosts has enjoyed taking up residence in Craven Manor, scaring the locals, and making socks disappear. But now the neighbors have had enough, and want to be rid of you troublesome spirits. Play as invisible poltergeists to stop an exorcist from evicting you and your neighborly ghostly group.
Fantasy Escape Games blends traditional escape room puzzling with interactive narrative adventure in an online format. You'll use your creative instincts to interact with characters as you choose--one team may sneak past a monster while another may charm it. While some puzzles have only one solution, your creative choices are limitless and change the course of your adventure.
What Players Say: "Fantasy Escape's games were charming yet challenging experiences for me and my friends. We got to float around, breathe fire, and get creative with our characters' abilities DND style. This is not your typical virtual escape room!" -Kush S.
"Fantasy Escape Games is super interactive and unlike any virtual experience I've ever done. It's like a cross between "choose your own adventure" and an escape room, with lots of creative puzzles and awesome artwork!" -Bethany L.
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