Escape game Infected

Company: Deadbolt Escape Rooms


1186 Cliff Gookin Blvd Suite B Tupelo, MS 38801 ()


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The infection happened without warning….

It spread quickly and the world changed overnight….

The infection doesn’t kill. It changes the infected into something else…

No one is sure where it originated. The landscape has become a fight for survival as roving bands of scavengers search for a cure.

It has been almost two years since the outbreak. You have managed to survive using your wits. You and your group were out looting nearby buildings when a group of infected chased you to an abandoned school. The contagion is spread by touch and the fight with the rival band of scavengers surely infected everyone in your group.

You are doomed if you don’t do something quickly. You can’t go back outside because the infected are waiting on you. Your only hope is to find something inside the school that will prolong your life.

After a quick search of the room you realize that someone has been living here and working on their own theories about the infection.

Search through the room for clues about the origin of the infection and see if anything was left behind that could help improve your chances for survival. The infection is fast-acting and has been known to change people within sixty minutes. You must act quickly or discover what sorts of inhuman changes happen to those...who are...infected!

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