Escape game Art Attack

Company: Bond's Escape Room

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Your new favorite activity has arrived (and it’s messy)! Gather your family, friends, or partner for a unique experience where your creativity and puzzle solving will be put to the test in Art Attack. This splatter room/escape room hybrid is the first of its kind and requires the use of both your left brain and right brain as you solve puzzles, unlock an array of paints and tools, and express your creativity through art. Anything and everything in this escape room can be turned into art, whether it’s your canvas, our walls, or each other!

Throughout this one hour experience, you will make your way through three rooms, unlocking each new area by solving puzzles just like an escape room! Once you enter the main splatter room, you will have a variety of paint and tools at your disposal to create masterpieces while jamming out to your choice of music. You will be provided with goggles, shower caps, booties, and splatter suits, as well as the paint, various utensils/tools for painting, and a medium size canvas. There will be a designated room for players to gear up and clean up before and after their session.

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