Escape game Saddlewood Saloon

Company: Bond's Escape Room

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Nothing much happens around these parts. Saddlewood is one of the most peaceful towns in the West - the undertaker just packed up shop for redder pastures! Life as you know it may suddenly become a lot drier, however, ever since millionaire Barnaby J. Williams bought up the land near Saddlewood and has built a dam, blocking your town’s water source fixin to run your reservoir clean out and turn Saddlewood into a ghost town.

You reckon the only thing that can be done now is to take matters into your own hands, so you and your posse have assembled at the local saloon to show this malicious mogul who’s in charge ‘round here, but beware, a team of hired goons is on the way to the saloon, so you’d better carry out the plan and get out of Do- Saddlewood before they show up!

Can you save Saddlewood before it’s too late? Whether it’s you or Barnaby, this town ain’t big enough for the both ya’.

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