Escape game Elven Forest: Battle for Gahl-Zaan

Company: Bond's Escape Room

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5.0 / 5

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You and your teammates are the (elven) residents of the magical woods of Gahl-Zaan. You have lived a quiet, peaceful life, but it may not always be that way: the local population of humans has caught wind of the mystical tree within your woods, the source of the forest’s magic.

Being humans, they want to invade the forest and cut down the tree for their own use, which would be devastating to your people. With an attack coming soon, the time has come to create a magical barrier to protect the woods from those who wish it harm, but a spell this powerful will require outside help. It falls upon you, the high elf council, to garner support from elven cities far and near to protect your livelihood.

Can you protect your home from disaster? Help your elf!

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