Escape game Captain's Cove

Company: Spirited Escapes


1423 N Broadway St Joliet, IL 60435 ()


Located at Haunted Trails Family Entertainment Center in Joliet, IL, along Route 53.

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The Caribbean. The year is 1658. The hook-handed Captain McGinnis, met his forever love, Rose, while plundering the high seas. He kept her near at all times, even when he and his crew set sail. Sea dogs say it’s bad luck to have a woman aboard and his crew took this warning to heart. In an attempt to salvage their luck, they mutinied against the Captain, throwing Rose overboard into the sea. Unfortunately, a worse fate awaited them... A wrathful storm brewed overhead, washing their ship ashore and no living souls were left onboard. Your crew comes across the wreck, gathers courage and decides to venture onto the cursed vessel. Your goal within 10 minutes is to find the Captain’s treasure and then break the curse - Before you become cursed as well...

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