Escape game Haunted Mansion

Company: Spirited Escapes


1423 N Broadway St Joliet, IL 60435 ()


Located at Haunted Trails Family Entertainment Center in Joliet, IL, along Route 53.

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New England, the year is 1992. The Whitby family was one of the wealthiest families in New England during the 1900’s. The Whitby Mansion (with over 90 bedrooms), was built for James and Edith Whitby. Legend has it, James (the Lord of the manor) went mad and murdered his entire family. After their death, the Whitby Mansion was sold at auction, it was then re-named and turned into the luxurious Laughton Hotel. There have been more supernatural events witnessed in this hotel than anywhere else on earth - with stories that will make your hair stand on end. Due to the unexplained deaths and unusual occurrences, the Laughton Hotel was eventually shuttered in 1992 – and unfortunately, detectives and paranormal investigators who have tried to explore the old mansion for evidence, were never seen again. Locals say that any living thing caught in the hotel at the stroke of midnight will become part of the spirit world forever... but your curiosity got the best of you. Your goal is to find proof that paranormal activity exists; and if you’re lucky, crack the unsolved mystery of Edith Whitby’s disappearance, whose body has never been found…

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