Escape game Cryosleep

Company: Spirited Escapes


1423 N Broadway St Joliet, IL 60435 ()


Located at Haunted Trails Family Entertainment Center in Joliet, IL, along Route 53.

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Outer Space: The year is 2320. Draden Briggs, Bounty Hunter scum, has kidnapped you and your friends. He’s transporting you to the planet Xionia and forcing you to work in the copper mines for the remainder of your days. It’s a 4-year space journey, but you are traveling in cryosleep, a form of hibernation that makes it feel like only 8 hours. You awake early due to a malfunction! Briggs is also coming out of cryosleep and the timer is counting down 10 minutes until he wakes. Your mission is to free yourselves from the locked cryocells and take control of the ship, then set a course for your home planet before Briggs wakes up.

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