Escape game Attic

Company: Escape Hotel

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You are not welcome! She is furious. Almost a century ago there was a couple living in this house. The wife had a baby, but the little girl turned out to be very ugly. Her parents were ashamed of her, so the mother locked her up in the attic. She didn’t want anyone to see her ever again. She had clothes, food and toys. But that’s all she got.

Elena grew up lonely until something evil happened. A demon came along… from that moment on, she did everything she could to take revenge on her parents and anyone who ever visited the house. No guests were allowed. She scared away everyone and put a spell on her father and mother so they could never leave the house. Many people died in the house, and now you are here in this attic. All she wants is to play. Will you? Be careful do not upset her…

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