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In 1923, as the Hollywoodland sign was raised over the hills of Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley was introduced to the Von Wolfhaussen Manor, built hidden amongst the valley’s orange groves, to house and treat patients with various mental illnesses. Dr. Frederick Von Wolfhaussen, a pioneer of mental illness treatment techniques, founded and ran the manor until its closing in 1971. In 2012, Dr. Frederick Von Wolfhaussen, III, the grandson of the late founding father of the manor, reopened the institution’s doors. Through the correspondence of various governmental grants, Dr. Von Wolfhaussen, III resumed treating mentally ill patients with the implementation of the latest and most modern of therapies. Today, the institution has gained a reputation of having the highest cure rates of mental disorders in the world, and there are theories that Dr. Von Wolfhaussen, III, has implemented some questionable techniques in his treatment protocols.

Through recent statistical success rates, the institution has become a topic of controversy and has caught the attention of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In cooperation with the FBI, the HHS has organized a group of handpicked individuals to examine and audit Dr. Von Wolfhaussen’s institutional practices & techniques. Respectively, this mission has been named Project: 5150.

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