Escape game Atlantis: The Forgotten City

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Plato, a prodigy of philosophy and wisdom, once wrote, “there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune the great city of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea. For the people of Atlantis housed the greatest exponents of concrete wisdom & technology the world had ever known.”

In 2019, Oceanic Inc, an oceanography company based from Los Angeles, pinpointed the exact location of the city of Atlantis with the use of a newly redeveloped electron radar known as Magnetic Anomaly Detection. With its location submerged under the icy-cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Oceanic scientists deployed a magnitude of technological developments and barriers that provided researchers & engineers direct access to the entrance gates of Atlantis.

Unsuccessful in manipulating the secrets to enter the city gates, Oceanic Inc, is now hiring a team of scientists, historians, and archeologists that may possess the intelligence required to enter the ancient city and ultimately unveil the anticipated phenomena of Atlantis: The Forgotten City.

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