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Company: Broadway Murder Mysteries




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You and your friends have won a backstage tour after the 43rd night of 43rd Street. Lucky you! You can’t wait to see behind the scenes at a real Broadway theater! Although another competing show down the block may be getting slightly better reviews, you’re absolutely thrilled. You might even get to meet some of the famous stars in the show! The performance was extraordinary. Okay, maybe the script could use a little work, and the music felt a little off, but the dancing wasn’t too terrible. After the show, you eagerly wait inside the theater until you are greeted by a kind looking gentleman, who begins your tour. Suddenly, the lights all go out. You hear a rumbling noise like all the doors are locking, and the room starts to smell like . . . gas? That can’t be good . . . Can you escape the theater before it's too late?

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