Escape game The Lab at Rosenet Industries

Company: Escape Room NJ

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A visiting group of the field’s top prospective scientists (young geniuses) touring the newest state of the art research and development facility at Rosenet Industries. While on the tour, a lab disaster strikes. A deadly neurological microorganism has been accidentally released into the ventilation system. The contaminant has compromised the entire facility except for the state of the art lab, which has detected the problem and has isolated itself from the rest of the facilities. However the grid has safeguards that will only isolate for 1hr as the toxin slowly leaks into the lab. Being the top members in your field the players are tasked to create a combatant to neutralize the toxin and release it into the ventilation system to reverse the effects of the toxin. With only 60 minutes the fate of the world rests in their hands.

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