Escape game The Ledger: Ed Cooke

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It’s 1920, the year the U.S. officially became a “dry” country outlawing the sale of all liquor. The mafia has turned this into an opportunity to make a killing. The city has been taken over by the powerful crime boss, Mikey “Two Times” Malone, who has built a network of speakeasies on almost every street corner. You are a group of Treasury Agents. As the most trusted officers in the bureau, you have been given the assignment to go undercover as bar employees. You’ll have 60 min’s inside the most notorious speakeasy in town. You must find the crime lord’s most trusted employee Ed Cooke or at least find his Ledger Book. ED is the only person allowed to keep a Ledger Book of all the families activities and that Ledger Book is the biggest piece of evidence necessary to build a case to take down Mikey “Two Times” Malone and his entire organization.

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