Escape game Rob the Mob: Break-In At Bubba's

Company: The Great Escape Room


62-33 Woodhaven Blvd, Queens, NY 11374 ()


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Bubba and his gang are collectors of some very, VERY valuable items. They’re hidden in his pawn shop and y'all’re gonna swipe the loot from his mob. If y'all're after that 'big score,' that 'retirement job'...then this escape room in Queens is it.

If your ragtag group of thieves can make your way through Bubba's shop, y'all'll be able to grab yourself some items that'll be enough to retire six-times-over.

Be careful though 'cause Bubba don't take too kindly to strangers poking around where they don't belong. Get in, and get out, while all y'all still can...if you ain't careful, y'all'll end up in cement shoes.

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