Escape game Rise of the Mad Pharaoh

Company: Hourglass Escapes

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5.0 / 5

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While out on a dig for the ancient sarcophagus of the mad Pharaoh Ah-Ramen-Twostep, Dr. Jebidiah Carter, a world renown archaeologist, tired and worn from the hot Egyptian sun, packed up his tools for the day. On his way out of the tomb, he stumbled over some rocks. He had never noticed those rocks before and had spent weeks in the tomb. He knew every stone, nook and cranny of that tomb like the back of his hand.

Suddenly a huge boulder, slowly started to roll towards the entrance. Dr. Carter raced towards it, but the boulder was too fast for his tired legs. He was trapped in the tomb.

Can you and your team help him out of this dark and spirit infested chamber? Legend says that once the trap is set, the Mad Pharaoh will rise up from his gritty grave, take a sacrifice and rule the world. You can’t allow Dr. Carter to become his sacrifice!

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