Escape game Seven Days in Captivity

Company: Xcapade


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My name is Sean.
I only get to live in the world for one-seventh of what ordinary people do, but my life experiences are seven times richer than any other.
Because inside my body lives seven “me”.
And don’t get me wrong, we are nothing like the ruthless and insane split personalities portrayed in the movies.
Instead, we named each one of ourselves from Sunday to Saturday to harmoniously and efficiently get along with each other.
As the name indicates, we only appear one day a week based on our names and live our own lives.
Even though we’ve never seen each other in person, we communicate by writing notes and leaving them around the house.
Besides that, we each keep a diary containing secrets that no one else knows but ourselves.
We have an agreement that we will never look at others’ diaries without their permission.

All in all,
I lead a lonely life, but maybe, one more fulfilling than others since there are seven pieces of me.
Inside my mind is a lively place, but I find myself in constant solitude outside.

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